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The venue has always been a place where products and people came together, which you can still experience in our cuisine. Honest, carefully selected ingredients and worldly flavours grace our menu, inspired by vibrant cities all over the world and created by chefs Andy De Cremer and Davide Mazzoni.

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We serve a pure cuisine: recognizable ingredients in light and healthy dishes, with influences from all over the world.



Roma x Vitello 26
Tuna espuma – caper – parmesan – hazelnut – brioche – rocket oil

Lima x Ceviche 27
Sea bass – leche de tigre – radish – chili – mint – red onion

Bari x Burrata 23
Pan “pizza” – tomato broth – shallot confit

Diksmuide x Shrimp Croquette 24
Hand peeled grey shrimps – roasted lime – tartar

Mont-Saint-Michel x Scallops 27
Grilled asparagus – smoked egg yolk – crispy

Cuzco x Pulpo 26
Greek salad – agrumes – extra vierge 

Athena x Lamb tataki 25
Pearl couscous – tzatziki – lavender mayo

Beirut x Pulled eggplant 21
Labneh – panisse – chickpea – harissa

About Fiera

Fiera provides a unique restaurant and bar experience where honest cuisine

and all-day hospitality take central stage.


Paris x Beef Tartar 29
Caesar salad – hand cut fries

Napoli x Pasta Vongole 32
Linguini – pinot grigio – parsley

Ostend x Cod 38
Potato mousseline – young spinach – beurre blanc – hand peeled grey shrimps

Florence x Pappardelle 38
Beech mushroom – summer truffle – duxelles – parmesan 

Amsterdam x Ilper chicken 31
Mojo – broad bean – croquette – Pommes parisienne – roasted chicken gravy

Phuket x Massaman Curry 22 / 36
Orzo – paksoi – miso – kohlrabi – sesame
Supplement: white fish, daily catch

Edinburgh x Bavette “Black Angus” 43
Cream of pea – chimichurri – spring green – candied potato

Kobe x Japanese Kobe Beef 4+ 95
Cream of pea – chimichurri – spring green – candied potato



Moscow x Pavlova 15
Strawberries – Passion fruit – Granité Champagne “Autréau”

Havana x The Cuban Cigar 15
BBQ pineapple – ganache – coconut

Paris x Millefeuille 16
Raspberry – rose water – lavender honey – pistachio – atsina

Toulouse x Crème Brûlée 13
Peach – Chamomile

Fiera x Dame Blanche  15
Vanilla – chocolate – spices

Venice x Tiramisu 15
Amaretto – mascarpone

Cheese Selection by Van Tricht 19
Summer “Jam” – brioche


Tasteful Encounters

This menu with global flavours and seasonal products, created by Chefs Andy De Cremer and Davide Mazzoni, forms the perfect introduction to the Fiera cuisine. Discover our equally delicious plant based menu here.

Tasteful Encounters Dinner – Starting from 18h00
4 courses € 69
*5 courses € 79

Fiera Lunch
2 courses € 39
3 courses € 49


Tasteful Encounters June

New herringGranny smith – sour cream – cucumber – green bean – crispy spring onion – pumpernickel

Eggplant – panisse – vegan labneh – harissa – Fiera’s garden

*Slow cooked oyster, smoked – tom kha kai foam 

TagliataBabytop – crispy mash – roma – xerès – parmesan crisp – red dragon rocket 


Wild prawn – pommes parisiennes – salsa brava – Valencian vegetables – foam of aioli and shellfish

Blueberry cheesecake Fiera style – crumble sablé – salted pistachio ice cream – fresh blackberry – raspberry – pistachio sponge cake


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