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The venue has always been a place where products and people came together, which you can still experience in our cuisine. Honest, carefully selected ingredients and worldly flavours grace our menu, inspired by vibrant cities all over the world and created by chef Andy De Cremer.

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We serve a pure cuisine: recognizable ingredients in light and healthy dishes, with influences from all over the world.



Tijuana x Caesar Salad 17
roman lettuce – caesar dressing

Milano x Burrata 19
crunch – basil oil – smoked tomato

Beirut x Eggplant  19
almond – pomegranate

Antwerp x Asparagus 18
broad beans – garlic oil // add oxtail +7

Cadiz x Prawn 27
columbine – lime butter

Lima x Ceviche 23
sea bass – leche de tigre – radish – cucumber

About Fiera

Fiera provides a unique restaurant and bar experience where honest cuisine and all-day hospitality take central stage


Torino x Beef Tartar 28
hand-cut – fresh fries – lettuce

Long Beach x Lobster 42
luinguine – tomato fondue

Sint Petersburg x Potato 21
salad russe – panko vegetables – remoulade sauce // add caviar + 26

Buenos Aires x Entrecote/Wagyu Picanha 32/45
jacket sweet potato – chimichurri

Stockholm x Catfish 31
polenta – fennel – smoked dill

Jakarta x Massaman Curry 19
carrot – granes // add crispy lamb + 12



Tokio x Yuzu Saké 16
sorbet – rice paper

Kathmandu x Dame Blanche  14
vanilla – chocolate – spices

Marrakech Citrus salad 14
yoghurtcrème – mint

Firenze Tiramisu 14
coffee crumble – kaffir lime

Comté x Cheese 19,5
rhubarb tomato compote

Fancy a smaller bite? Check out the bar.


Tasteful Encounters

We werkten een seizoensgebonden menu uit dat de perfecte kennismaking vormt met de keuken van Fiera. Een vegetarisch of veganistisch alternatief is mogelijk voor elk gerecht.

asperges – lenteprimeurs – lookolie
suppl ossenstaart + 7

Lima *
zeebaars ceviche – leche de tigre

Moscow **
aardappel – kaviaar 10g

Buenos Aires
entrecôte – gepofte zoete aardappel – chimichurri

citrus salade – yoghurtcrème – munt

3 gangen € 39
4 gangen € 59 *
5 gangen € 89 **


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