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Elevate Your Business Lunch at Fiera

Looking for a truly unique business lunch? Venture beyond the mundane with Fiera, nestled in one of the world’s earliest stock exchanges: the prestigious Antwerp ‘Handelsbeurs’.

Delight clients and partners with a harmonious blend of metropolitan sophistication, storied heritage, and culinary finesse.

Discover the most tasteful way to do business.

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Seamless Accessibility for You and Your Guests

Arrive with ease as the Q-park beneath the Handelsbeurs welcomes you. Let our golden signs guide your path. Enjoy the convenience of online parking reservations, exclusive discounted rates, and touch-free parking. Book in advance, and watch the parking barrier lift automatically for you and your guests.

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Join Us for an Unmatched Experience

Dine in luxury, soak in history, and create memories that are both business and pleasure.

Welcome to Fiera, cosmopolitan kitchen.

Historic elegance

Welcome to Fiera, cosmopolitan kitchen.

Gourmet excellence

Welcome to Fiera, cosmopolitan kitchen.

Effortless parking

Welcome to Fiera, cosmopolitan kitchen.

Unique experience

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