Delicious international inspired cocktails & drinks at the Fiera Bar
We are Fiera

Embarco by Fiera

A pop-up cocktailbar on the courtyard of the Handelsbeurs.

Embarco is Spanish for ’embarkation’. The name refers to the young bartenders in training who will embark in Madonna or Fiera afterwards.

Embarco also refers to the rich, international history of the Handelsbeurs and the Schippersbeurs. The skipper’s past is also reflected in the interior and the names of the cocktails.

Discover Embarco

Embark on a journey of the seven ships.



Where we embark young ‘Conquistadores’ on a bootcamp
to become professional bartenders.

Where we immerse you in the rich history of the Handelsbeurs.

Where you can try dangerous cocktails named after notorious ships like the Black Pearl, served with a delicious pintxos.

18 August – 28 August
Wednesday to Saturday, 18h-24h
No need for reservations, just pop by

About Fiera

A new pop-up cocktailbar arises on the courtyard of the Handelsbeurs.


€14, served with custom pintxos

Black Pearl
Tanduay Gold, lime, ginger syrup, Thomas Henry ginger beer

Pisco Porton, lime, simple syrup, angostura, egg white

Santa Maria
Tanduay Gold, lime, Hibiscus

Diamond Princess
Zubrowka Biala, vanilla, passion fruit, Champagne

Flying Dutchman
Roku gin, Antica Formula, seasonal herbs

Camino tequila, Thomas Henry pink grapefruit, grapefruit juice, lime

Mayflower (mocktail)
0% gin, passion fruit, lemon, orange, Thomas Henry soda

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