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Classic Cocktail Month

September 1st, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Since we are beyond thrilled that you can finally take a seat at our beautiful bar again, we decided to celebrate this festive occasion with a Classic Cocktail Month.

During the next 30 days, Beka Gogeshvili and his fabulous barteam dive into the history of some of the oldest cocktails ever created.

They carefully put together an extraordinary menu of Classic Cocktails, dating back as far as the 19th century or as we like to call it: the Golden Age of Cocktails.

Join us on a worldwide journey of pure ingredients, divine flavors and a whole lot of delicious history.


Fiera’s Classic Cocktails

Horse’s Neck (1890’s – somewhere in the US)
Hennesy VS – Angostura – ginger Ale – lemon

Gin Fizz (1880’s – British Navy)
Bombay Sapphire – lemon – egg white – soda

Whisky Sour (1860’s – New Orleans)
Maker’s Mark Bourbon – Angostura – egg white – lemon

Pisco Sour (1920’s – Lima)
Pisco Porton – Angostura – egg white – lemon – dried orange

El Presidente (1910’s – Havana)
Bacardi 4 – Martini extra dry – Cointreau – orange

French 75 (1910’s – Paris)
Buss 509 midi cut – Moët & Chandon – lemon

Vesper Martini (1950’s – London)
Grey Goose – Bombay Sapphire – Lillet Blanc – lemon

About Fiera

Honest, simple, yet sophisticated and worldly flavours

that perfectly match Fiera’s menu.

Aviation (1910’s – San Francisco)
Bombay Sapphire – Maraschino – violet creme – cherry

Boulevardier (1920’s – Paris)
Maker’s Mark Bourbon – Campari – Martini Rubino – orange

Tommy’s Margarita (1990’s – San Francisco)
Patron Silver – agave syrup – lime

Espresso Martini (1980’s – London)
Grey Goose – coffee liqueur Marula – coffee beans

Pornstar Martini (1990’s – London)
42 Below – Absinth – Moët & Chandon – passion fruit

Moscow Mule (1940’s – New York)
Grey Goose – Ginger beer – lime

Hugo Spritz (2000’s – South Tyrol)
St. Germain – Prosecco – lime – soda

Apero ‘Tivo (2021 – Antwerp)
Cherry liqueur – Vermouth – sparkling white wine – lime – red fruit


(Re)discover the Classics

September is all about (re)discovering the Classics.

So when you visit Fiera, consider stepping out of your modern-day comfort zone and try one. We insist!

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